HypoxiaDB is a first ever manually-curated non-redundant catalogue of human hypoxia-regulated proteins with a goal of collecting proteins whose expression patterns are altered in hypoxic conditions. It is a highly curated database providing information on expression pattern changes under different levels and duration of hypoxia. HypoxiaDB currently contains more than 72,000 entries taken on 3,500 differentially regulated proteins extracted from 73 peer-reviewed publications and ~1,500 supporting publications. 
We hope that HypoxiaDB will enrich our knowledge about hypoxia-related biology and eventually will lead to the development of novel hypothesis and advancements in diagnostic and therapeutic activities

Get the following information from HYPOXIADB

Correlation of Proteins with Hypoxia

Level of Regulation (Up/Down) Fold Change
Percentage of hypoxia Tissue of expression
Reference paper Type of Study

General Information

Protein Name Protein Symbol
Aliases Chromosomal Location
Organism HGNC ID
HPRD ID Unigene ID
Uniprot ID Ensembl ID
Vega ID Gene ID
OMIM ID Protein GIs
Genbank Protein Accessions Protein FASTA sequence

Biological Information

Protein family Information Protein-Protein interactions
KEGG pathway information Gene Ontology Information
Homology Information PDB structures