1. What is HYPOXIA DB?
2. Why HYPOXIA DB was created?
3. What is unique about HYPOXIA DB?
4. Does this database represent all proteins associated with Hypoxia?
5. Where to report bugs for HYPOXIADB?

Ans 1. HYPOXIA DB (Hypoxia Protein Database) is a comprehensive collection of hypoxia regulated proteins contributing to the etiology of hypoxia and hypoxia related disorders.

Ans 2.Despite the intense interest in the cellular response of hypoxia proteins and the huge amount of high throughput experimental data available, there had been no systematic attempts to document the various proteins regulated by hypoxia. Thus there was a need to organize the available information in an accessible and wholesome manner which can be used by the research community of hypoxia and hypoxia related disorders which could eventually lead to the development of novel therapeutic strategies by providing the researchers with easy access to the latest information on protein involved in hypoxia. It is important to bridge the gap between proteomics analysis and clinical practices.

Ans 3. a) HYPOXIA DB, to the best of our knowledge is the first collection of proteins associated with Hypoxia, which has been manually curated.

b) Using HYPOXIA DB a user can extract information regarding the aberrant biological process a protein is involved that leads to Hypoxic conditions.

c) A user can find if their protein of ineterest is differentially expressed in Hypoxia.

d) HYPOXIADB has been maually curated to define the correlation of proteins with Hypoxia

e) Also HYPOXIADB facilitates identification of orthologous genes in various eukaryotic genomes corresponding to the user searched protein.

Ans 4. No. This collection is the result of first round curation and we are working on the data curation to be relased in the subsequent releases.

Ans 5. To report any kind of bugs please refer to the "CONTACT US" Page.