Details for TNFAIP3

Name "Tumor Necrosis Factor, Alpha-Induced Protein 3"
Symbol TNFAIP3
Aliases A20;OTUD7C;TNFA1P2
Chromosome 6q23
Organism Homo sapiens
Entrez 7128
Hgnc Id 11896
Unigene Hs.211600   
Uniprot P21580   
Ensembl Id ENSG00000118503   
Vega Id OTTHUMG00000015664   
Genbank Accession
GI numbers

Correlations with HYPOXIA

Level of regulation* Fold change % Hypoxia Tissue Pubmed Studies
2.69 0.5% oxygen hypoxia for 8 hours human breast cancer cell line MCF7
* indicates up-regulation          indicates down-regulation          indicates up/down-regulation

Other Biological Details