Details for CSNK2B

Name "Casein Kinase 2, Beta Polypeptide"
Symbol CSNK2B
Aliases CK2B;CK2N;CSK2B;G5A
Chromosome 6p21.3
Organism Homo sapiens
Entrez 1460
Hgnc Id 2460
Unigene Hs.73527   
Uniprot B0UXA9    P67870   
Ensembl Id ENSG00000204435    ENSG00000206406    ENSG00000228875    ENSG00000224398    ENSG00000232960    ENSG00000230700    ENSG00000224774   
Vega Id OTTHUMG00000031056   
Genbank Accession
GI numbers

Correlations with HYPOXIA

Level of regulation* Fold change % Hypoxia Tissue Pubmed Studies
expressions were dramatically increased within 8 h and then dramatically reduced between 8 h and 24 h 1% oxygen hypoxia for 8 h and 24 h Human aortic endothelial cells (HAECs)
* indicates up-regulation          indicates down-regulation          indicates up/down-regulation

Other Biological Details