Details for CHRM2

Name "Cholinergic Receptor, Muscarinic 2"
Symbol CHRM2
Aliases HM2
Chromosome 7q31-q35
Organism Homo sapiens
Entrez 1129
Hgnc Id 1951
Unigene Hs.535891   
Uniprot A4D1Q0    P08172    Q6SL56    Q6SL59    Q86SJ1   
Ensembl Id ENSG00000181072   
Vega Id OTTHUMG00000155658   
Genbank Accession
GI numbers

Correlations with HYPOXIA

Level of regulation* Fold change % Hypoxia Tissue Pubmed Studies
2.12 75% Oxygen saturation Ventricular biopsy specimens
* indicates up-regulation          indicates down-regulation          indicates up/down-regulation

Other Biological Details